Behavioral Interview Questions and Answers

 Any employer before hiring you would like to know how would you behave in a particular situation and would be interested to know if you had encountered such situation in the past and how did you behave then.

It is expected in an interview that you respond to the hypothetical situation given by the interviewer with a real life story from your past experience.

If you never encountered such situation, be polite and say it clearly that I never encountered such situation but if it happens, I would respond in such and such manner. 

Do Not Create and Tell a False Story.

Overall Suggestion for telling stories or incidents:

1.       Tell the true incident.
2.       Make it short.
3.       Make it clear.
4.       Do your homework.
5.       Respond quickly.

Overall Suggestion for telling steps/ handling situation:

1.       Follow the universal rules of handling disaster. (identify, implement, monitor)
2.       Tell your unique way of work (but it has to be fruitful).
3.       Solve the issue step by step with intelligence.

In next pages, read through the 100 behavioral questions and answers with suggestion and build your stories based on your past experiences.